Conservation Regulations

Area Specific Regulations

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Maramec Spring Park

--- Note --- The information below reflects regulations for most activities on this conservation area but does not contain regulations for all possible uses. For more information on area regulations consult the Wildlife Code ( or the phone number listed for this area in the online Conservation Atlas.

  • Chapter 11 of the Wildlife Code applies to this area.(more)

Bullfrogs and green frogs(more)

  • Taking of bullfrogs and green frogs is prohibited.

Fishing general provisions and seasons(more)

  • Special fishing regulations apply.
    • A valid, signed area daily trout fishing tag is required (except as designated in fishing regulations table below).
    • Fishing is permitted only during designated hours.
    • Fishing is permitted only on designated dates.
    • Fishing is permitted only on designated waters.

Fishing methods(more)

  • Not more than one pole and line may be used by one person at any time.
  • Seining or trapping live bait.
    • Seining or trapping live bait is prohibited on streams and the discharge channels of impoundments.
    • Seining or trapping live bait, including tadpoles, is prohibited in lakes and ponds.
  • The use of shoes, boots or waders with porous soles incorporating or having felt, matted or woven fibrous materials is prohibited.

X Regulation Tables-Limit Information

  • All fish that are not released unharmed immediately after being caught are included in an angler’s daily limit.
  • Anglers may not possess any fish that is less than the specified minimum length limit on the waters, banks or area where the length limit applies.
  • Anglers may not possess more than the daily limit of any species of fish on the waters or banks of any body of water where the limit applies.
  • When fishing on different bodies of water during the same day (public lakes, streams, conservation areas, areas managed under cooperative agreement, etc.), specified restrictions for individual bodies of waters or areas must be followed. However, no more than the statewide daily limit for any species may be taken for all waters or areas combined.