Conservation Regulations

Area Specific Regulations

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Lake City Range

--- Note --- The information below reflects regulations for most activities on this conservation area but does not contain regulations for all possible uses. For more information on area regulations consult the Wildlife Code ( or the phone number listed for this area in the online Conservation Atlas.

  • Chapter 11 of the Wildlife Code applies to this area.(more)

Area General Provisions(more)

  • Collecting wild animals (including invertebrates) and their unprocessed parts is prohibited except under the provisions of a valid Wildlife Collector’s Permit, or as otherwise authorized in the Wildlife Code.
  • Commercial use and vending are prohibited on department areas.
  • Guiding for pay is prohibited on department areas.
  • In addition to the rules of the Wildlife Code, federal, state and local laws also apply on department lands.
  • No fires allowed.
  • Soil disturbance and digging, including the digging of roots, is prohibited on all conservation areas.
  • Unless specifically authorized, the following activities are prohibited: swimming, sailboarding, skateboarding, entry on areas closed to the public, removal of water, rock collecting, planting, ranging of horses and other livestock, caving, rock climbing, rappelling, paint-balling, scuba diving, and water skiing.
  • Use of fireworks is prohibited.
  • Waste containers may be used only for disposal of garbage, trash, refuse or rubbish generated on department areas.
  • Wild plants, plant products, vegetation, and mushrooms (more)
    • Collecting or possessing wild plants and their unprocessed parts is prohibited except under the provisions of a valid Letter of Authorization for Plant Collecting, or as otherwise authorized in the Wildlife Code.
    • Nuts, berries, fruits, edible wild greens and mushrooms may be taken only for personal consumption.
    • Vegetation, including trees, may not be cut or destroyed. The only exception is that willows (Salicaceae spp.) may be cut for use in constructing on-site blinds.

Area Hours(more)

  • Special hours apply. Public use permitted only as authorized by posting.


  • Camping is prohibited on the area.

Field Trials(more)

  • Field trials are prohibited.

Fishing general provisions and seasons(more)

  • Fishing is prohibited.

Hunting, General provisions, seasons and restrictions(more)

  • Hunting prohibited.

Pets and hunting dogs(more)

  • Pets and hunting dogs are prohibited.

Target Shooting and Ranges

  • Staffed Ranges. Target shooting is not allowed anywhere on the area except for the designated staffed ranges.
    • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all ranges and associated parking lots.
    • Fully automatic firearms are prohibited except with a special use permit. The use of incendiary (including tracer ammunition), armor piercing or explosive ammunition is prohibited.
    • Groups of more than ten people must obtain a special use permit prior to using the range. Contact the area manager at the phone number listed for this area in the Online Conservation Atlas.
    • Range use fees apply.
    • Special provisions apply.
    • Use of the range shall be in accordance with posted rules or as directed by the range officer. All range users must allow an agent of the Department or other certified law enforcement officer to inspect their permits, firearms and ammunition.

Vehicles, Bicycles, Equestrian Use(more)

  • Bicycles
    • No bicycling opportunity except on public roadways.
  • Horses and horseback riding
    • No horseback riding opportunities exist on this area except on public roadways.
  • Vehicles
    • Vehicles are only permitted on public roadways and in parking lots.
      • State laws regarding the operation, registration and required equipment also apply to the operation of motor vehicles on areas open to vehicular traffic that are under the control of the department.
      • The speed limit on department lands is 45 miles per hour, except as otherwise posted.