Allred Lake Natural Area

Driving Directions

From Neelyville, take Highway 142 east 5 miles, then Route H south to its end, then County Road 260 south, and County Road 2601 south to the area.


The 160-acre area contains 53 acres of forest and the Allred Lake Natural Area. Facilities/features: one-quarter mile trail ending in a short boardwalk, viewing deck, and Allred Lake (seven acres).

About This Area

The Conservation Department purchased this 160-acre tract of land in 1982. It contains one of the best quality examples of lowland swamp and bottomland forest in Missouri.

A 76-acre portion of the area is designated as a Missouri Natural Area and is managed and protected for its outstanding educational and scientific values.

The area's bottomland forests support bald cypress, swamp tupelo, water locust, sweetgum, willow oak, overcup oak, water hickory, swamp chestnut oak, water elm, swamp privet, and many other species. A seven-acre natural lake, near the center of the area, is ringed with cypress-tupelo swamp. Some of the bald cypress trees are over 500 years old.

The lake contains swamp species, including the endangered taillight shiner and swamp darter.

A boardwalk and platform have been constructed on the western side of the lake for nature viewing and photography.

Tree seedlings and acorns have been planted in most open fields to help restore the diverse forest communities that the land once supported. Over time, these areas will add to our dwindling supply of lowland bottomland forests.

General Information




Owned by MDC

  • Fishing is prohibited.

(Activity Explanations)
(Population Definition)
Bird Watching  Get the Audubon Society of Missouri Conservation Area Bird List.  
Canoeing  Allred Lake , there is no ramp, shore launch only.  
Demonstrations  Example of Bald Cypress, swamp tupelo lined slough/lake, associated wetland forest 
Hiking  Short trail to viewing deck. 

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Conservation Department Facilities
Facility Item Name Count Comments
Parking Lot    
Viewing Deck/Tower    

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Feature Item Name Count Size Comments
Designated Natural Area Allred Lake Natural Area 76.00 acres For more information, visit natural areas.  

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Land Cover Types
Land Type Acres Comments
Other 7.00 Allred Lake (Fishing is prohibited, not managed for fishing.) 
Forest and Woodland 152.00 lowland forest 
Total Area Acres:160.00 

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Designated Trails
Trail Name Trail Type Length
Hiking trail (Easy) Hiking (Non-Interpretive) 0.20 

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Shooting Range General Information

This area has no shooting ranges.

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