Ten Mile Pond Conservation Area

Driving Directions

From East Prairie, take Highway 80 east, then take gravel County Road 515 south 5 miles to the tee. At the tee go left 300 yards to headquarters on the right.


This area is predominantly cropland and wetlands, managed for dove, shorebirds, wading birds, and waterfowl.

About This Area

This 3,755-acre area was once a lowland hardwood forest intermingled with cypress sloughs. Most of the area flooded seasonally and was an important habitat for wintering waterfowl, furbearers, eagles, and other wildlife species.

Management of the area began in 1982 and is aimed at reestablishing wetland habitat, which was lost when the land was drained and converted to agricultural use. Over 1,000 acres of this wetland habitat is managed through the manipulation of water levels to provide high quality natural foods, such as millets, smartweed, sprangletop, sedges, and invertebrates. These food resources are highly sought after by migrating and wintering waterfowl, shorebirds, and other wetland wildlife species. Row crops and green browse are grown on the area to provide nutritious food for geese and field-feeding species of ducks.

Wetland development has included the construction of interior levees, wells, pumps, and water control structures.

Duck and goose hunting and viewing waterfowl are the most popular outdoor activities on the area. Bald eagles are common on the area from late fall through early spring.

Visitors should use extreme caution while boating or wading, because deep water and hazardous conditions are possible when the area is flooded.

General Information




Owned by MDC

  • Use or possession of lead shot is prohibited.

(Activity Explanations)
(Population Definition)
Bird Watching  Special Regulations apply to season dates and designated areas.  Contact area headquarters for more information. Designated an Important Bird Area by Audubon Missouri. Get the Audubon Society of Missouri Conservation Area Bird List.  
Dog Training  Dog training is allowed in designated areas from the end of the south zone waterfowl season through October 31st.  
Fishing - Other Fair population. Carp, Buffalo  
Fishing - Other Good population. White bass during the spring.  
Hunting-Deer Fair population. Deer regulations are subject to annual changes. Please refer to the Fall Deer and Turkey Booklet for current regulations. Special Regulations Apply on season dates and designated areas, contact area headquarters for more information. Hunters must check-in at headquarters prior to hunting.  
Hunting-Dove Good population. This area has a managed dove hunt.  Contact area headquarters for more information. Hunters must check-in prior to hunting. Non-toxic shot is required.  
Hunting-Rabbit Fair population. Population has not recovered from the 2011 flood.  Special Regulations apply on season dates, and designated areas. Contact area headquarters for more information. Non-toxic shot only, hunters required to check-in at Area headquarters prior to hunting.  
Hunting-Waterfowl – Morning Draw Good population. There is a daily drawing during duck season to allocated hunting positions. The area is closed on Christmas Day. Hunters should contact Area headquarters for other Special Regulations.  
Other Fair population. Bullfrogs and green frogs may be taken during the statewide season only by hand, handnet, atlatl, gig, bow, snagging, snaring, grabbing, pole and line , a twenty-two (.22) caliber or smaller rimfire rifle or pistol, pellet gun, or crossbow and only during dates and times when those waters are open to fishing or hunting. An artificial light may be used. Season: Sunset June 30 through Oct. 31. Daily limit 8.  

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Conservation Department Facilities
Facility Item Name Count Comments
Boat Ramp - Lake - Other  10  Access to hunting pools during waterfowl season.  
Parking Lot  13   
Viewing Deck/ToweraccessibleRichard T. Reed Observation Platform  Located at the C/D parking lot.  

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Feature Item Name Count Size Comments
Named Wetland Richard T. Reed Wetland Units 350.19 acres Pools A and B.  
Stream - Permanent Ten Mile Pond Ditch 3.00 miles 3 miles of frontage 

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Land Cover Types
Land Type Acres Comments
Crop Land 2100.00  
Grassland (non-prairie) 100.00  
Wetland 1400.00  
Forest and Woodland 100.00  
Native Prairie 54.00  
Total Area Acres:3749.87 

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Designated Trails
Trail Name Trail Type Length
No Designated Trails

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Shooting Range General Information

This area has no shooting ranges.

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