Sunbridge Hills Conservation Area

Driving Directions

From the junction of I-229/Highland Avenue in St. Joseph, take Highland Avenue east, then Huntoon Road north 2 miles.


This area is mostly forest with some old fields. Facilities/features: permanent stream (Missouri River).

About This Area

Sunbridge Hills Conservation Area is in Buchanan County, north of St. Joseph.

The Conservation Department purchased this property in 1972.

This area is about 30 percent open land and 70 percent forested. Numerous redbud trees burst into bloom at the first hint of spring. Maples and oaks display their brilliant colors before autumn leaf drop. Indians called this region "Lanowa", which means "sacred region".

The area overlooks the Missouri River and offers many scenic viewing sites. Eagles can be seen soaring over the river during their spring migration.

General Information




Owned by MDC,Leased

(Activity Explanations)
(Population Definition)
Bird Watching  Get the Audubon Society of Missouri Conservation Area Bird List.  
Fishing - Catfish Fair population.  
Hiking  2.20 mile area access trail with overlook.  
Hunting-Deer Fair population. Deer regulations are subject to annual changes. Please refer to the Fall Deer and Turkey Booklet for current regulations.  
Hunting-Squirrel Fair population.  
Hunting-Turkey Fair population. Turkey regulations are subject to annual changes. Please refer to the Spring Turkey or Fall Deer and Turkey Booklet for current regulations.  
Trapping with Special Use Permit   

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Conservation Department Facilities
Facility Item Name Count Comments
Parking Lot    
Viewing Deck/Tower    

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Feature Item Name Count Size Comments
Stream - Permanent Missouri River 0.40 miles  

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Land Cover Types
Land Type Acres Comments
Old Field 20.00  
Forest and Woodland 170.00  
Total Area Acres:225.50 

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Designated Trails
Trail Name Trail Type Length
No Designated Trails

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Shooting Range General Information

This area has no shooting ranges.

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